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SearchIntent 2023: Omdömen
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Very happy! We can now have productive meetings again, without getting tired from the bad acoustics that the room suffered from earlier.

Hugo Palm

SEO Consultant
Stockholm, Sweden

New adress and new acoustical challenges.

SearchIntent is a digital marketing and SEO company in central Stockholm. They once again hired Ljudbjörnen to adjust the acoustics in three of their rooms. Now at the amazing location Norr Mälarstrand in central Stockholm. 

Meeting Room on the top floor - One Absorbear in the ceiling and two Absorbear on the walls. Linen fabrics.

Meeting Room on the lower floor - Here I chose to fill 90% of the ceiling surface with 10 cm deep broadband absorption material. Then covered in linen fabric. It reduced problematic hard surface reflections from a low ceiling and it helped to reduce room resonances.  

Main office room - Here I placed an Absorbear XL floor mount broadband gobo in the big room in order to reduce reflections and help to somewhat divide the room into two parts.

SearchIntent 2023: Om
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