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Café and wine bar

This charming café and wine bar in Årsta, Stockholm had some acoustical challenges. The space was overly lively and especially around the bar area where noises from the coffee grinder and cutlery reflected on nearly all surfaces. The room needed more absorption placed wisely and less acoustical support.

My installation contained of six ceiling mounted Absorbear panels with light grey woolen fabric that looks great together with the concrete ceiling. These panels were evenly spaced out over the bar with a generous air gap.

I'm proud to say that these changes allowed this café a way more healthy working environment with less ear and brain fatigue. 

Guests as well as staff personal have notised an acoustical improvement. Also the owner can potentially notice better sales.

Go visit Årstabo if you are in Årsta. Great beers and wines!

Årstabo Café: Om
Årstabo Café: Bild
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