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PERC. studios

PERC. studios: Omdömen
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Absorbear made a world of a difference in our studio and we loved the ability to chose fabric/finish! Super happy!

Axel Fagerberg

PERC. studios
Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

A music recording studio in central Stockholm

PERC. studios was built in 2018. Axel fagerberg and Mårten Hillbom are the owners.

The room sounded good just after the inner studio shell was finished, but Axel and Mårten experienced too much reflections, especially when recording.
Ljudbjörnen was asked to make the room a bit less lively so the acoustic adjustments were as follows:

7 X Absorbear panels in the ceiling
Some extra fabric to cover their semi cylindrical DIY velocity panels and install them.

The tonal imbalance was evened out, the decay times in between 100-5000 Hz were reduced and the room is now more flexible and suitable as the recording room it is.

Here is a video from this project:

Absorbear _ PERC. studios 2-2.tif
PERC. studios: Om
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