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Limp Bear

Lightweight absorption panel of limp bag type. With a generous amount of Limp Bear panels in your room, low and mid frequency decay times can be greatly reduced when placed right.

Limp Bear: Produkter

Product information:

This sound absorption panel is a great room acoustic device for reducing decay times (commonly called reverberation) in the low and low-mid frequencies. Our "Large" version is most effective around 80-250 Hz. This range can be somewhat altered when using different depths and different panel volumes. 
Ljudbjörnen is for that reason offering different sizes that is affecting different frequency regions. The plastic surface is highly reflective at primarily high-mid and high frequencies. This reflective and limp surface acts as a limp membrane and together with the trapped air volume and the mass inside (porous velocity absorber), this air tight enclosure and acoustic system efficiently reduces acoustic energy and lowers decay times. In contrast to an open velocity type broadband porous absorber as the Absorbear, these Limp Bear panels do not need to be as deep in order to reduce lower frequencies. Limp Bear panels are relatively shallow (5-19 cm deep), which makes them easy to move and to place. Also, they are relatively affordable even though you would normally need a generous amount of panels to get satisfactory results.

The Limp Bear panels suits different room acoustically challenging scenarios such as:

* Any audio listening room with absent or insufficient low & mid frequency management
* Any room with excessive LF & MF decay times and modal ringing issues

Limp Bear Small is a great choice when targeting high-bass/low-mid frequency regions. This panel is only 5 cm thick and therefor very easy to place.

Limp Bear Medium is the panel with the middle sized depth. It's most effective around the high-bass regions.

Ljudbjörnen also offer a Large sized Limp Bear panel, which has two times the mass compared to the Limp Bear Medium. It is therefore more effective at reducing lower frequencies as well as having a slightly lower q-value (broader bandwidth).

Absorption material properties:

Caruso-Iso-Bond WLG 035

100 % recycled ecological polyester fibre

Flow resistivity: 10000 Pa.s/m^2

Weight: 40kg /m³

Panel weight: Around 3.0 kg

Flame retardant : B1 D0 S1 / DIN 4102

Fire protection: B1Drop: D0 (no drop)

Smoke: S1 (no smoke)

Mold & mites resistance: Yes

Non-allergic & gentle to skin and airways

ECO certificate: OEKO-TEX standard 100

Caruso Iso-Bond WLG 040
100 % ecological recycled polyester fibre
Flow resistivity: 5000 Pa.s/m^2
Weight: 20kg /m³
Panel weight: 1.9 kg
Flame retardant : B1 D0 S1 / DIN 4102
Fire protection: B1
Drop: D0 (no drop)
Smoke: S1 (no smoke)
Mold & mites resistance: Yes
Non-allergic & gentle to skin and airways 
ECO certificate: OEKO-TEX standard 100

Absorption ability details:

Lab testing results with absorption characteristics and quantifiable details can not be presented at this moment, due to it's high costs. In order to properly lab test our products in a suitable (and big enough) reverberation lab environment with high accuracy in low frequencies, it would require a big sum of money. With that said, Ljudbjörnen has planned to carry through such lab tests of all offered products further on.


Polyester absorption panel
Plastic cover

Plastic sealing

Mounting options:

In order to optimize the absorption performance, the placement of the Limp Bear panels is critical. To maximize the performance and making sure these Limp Bear panels reduces the energy of the mode(s) or frequency regions you are intending to reduce, make sure you ask for a proper installation.

If additional mounting solutions are requested, such installation can be executed on request.


Limp Bear Small: 1.5 kg
Limp Bear Medium: 3.0 kg
Limp Bear Large: 3.8 kg


Limp Bear Small: 120 X 62.5 X 5 cm
Limp Bear Medium: 120 X 62.5 X 10 cm
Limp Bear Large: 120 X 62.5 X 19 cm

+/- 2 cm for the width and length due to a high difference tolerance at the absorption factory.


Usually 2-15 days, depending on the amount of panels ordered and our stock status.


Limp Bear Small: 600 SEK (excl. 25 % VAT)
Limp Bear Medium: 750 SEK (excl. 25 % VAT)
Limp Bear Large: 1200 SEK (excl. 25 % VAT)

To get optimal results, let Ljudbjörnen guide you towards suitable densities, depths and placement of the panels. 

Optional special orders and additional costs:
Special order with a custom sized panel: approximately + 200 SEK (excl. 25 % VAT). This size adjustment can be done on location. Optional special order with mounting options: ask for an offer.

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