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Tarek Mansur

Tarek Mansur: Omdömen

Such a full soundscape in my room, exactly what I was missing before!

- Tarek Mansur

A small film score production studio in Uppsala

Tarek Mansur makes well crafted, powerful and aggressive sounds for films scores and he is at the same time the sweetest guy ever.

The studio is small and therefor also acoustically challenging. The smaller the room, the closer you have to sit to your reflective surfaces and to the theoretical no-go region 50 % of the room length. Also, the less space there is to place room acoustic absorption. 
Ljudbjörnens job was to make sure the room was fully suitable for mixing audio with lots of LF energy. 
These were the main room acoustic design steps:

Placement of listening position
Placement of monitors
Reduce early reflections
Reduce LF decay times

Room acoustic installation:
6 Absorbear 
1 Absorbear XL (ceiling cloud)
15 Limp Bear
2 Broadband panel without fabric

The room acoustics in Tareks space is now greatly improved and the vibe is minimalistic and creative. The feedback from Tarek has been totally amazing and his later work sounds even more controlled and seems to translate very well to other systems.

Tarek Mansur studio
Tarek Mansur: Om
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