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Elias Landberg a.k.a Skudge

Elias Landberg: Omdömen
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I'm really glad I hired Ljudbjörnen to help me with my studio.
Finally I feel safe with the listening environment, as all frequencies are tight and clear.

- Elias Landberg

A small music production studio in central Stockholm

Elias Landberg a.k.a Skudge has been producing techno professionally for 12 years now. He is a talented and well known artist in the techno scene.

The building was in need of a mayor renovation and also new acoustic adjustments. 
Ljudbjörnen was hired to make sure the room was fully suitable for critical listening and mixing. 
In short, these were the main room acoustic design steps:

Placement of listening position
Placement of monitors
Reduce early reflections
Reduce LF decay times

Room acoustic installation:
5 Absorbear 
1 Absorbear XL (ceiling cloud)
10 Limp Bear
3 Broadband panels without fabrics

The room went through a massive improvement and Skudge is now back to focusing on producing great sounding techno.

Elias Landberg: Om
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