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Gobo Bear

A sturdy, heavy duty studio isolator also known as a gobo.

Filled with HDF board (high density fibre board), two layers of broadband absorption panels, high quality frame from swedish ash, lowered wheels. This is a gobo for the studio owners with high ambitions, handmade in Sweden.. With a low center of gravity, these rollable gobo panels offer you a very effective and well thought out acoustic separator.

Gobo Bear: Produkter

Product information:

This sound absorption panel is a great room acoustic device for reducing unwanted reflections and to lower reverberation times.

With it's white ECO certificated polyester absorption material and the woolen or linen fabrics, it's a simple and lightweight absorption panel with the main focus on function. It's acoustically effective thanks to the carefully chosen materials and the air gap possibilities. A frameless design like this has some pros and cons:

* Less weight
* Less material costs
* No wood frame assembling time
* The hole panel has absorptive surfaces, even on the back, compared to some other absorptive panels with somewhat reflective sides and backs.

* Requires delicate sewing and assembling technics in order to get the fabric corners to look clean.
* Requires a rather specialized installation technique.​
* A frameless design like this has a reduced diffraction effect compared to one with a rigid frame. Diffraction improve absorption abilities.
* A bit of sag of the fabrics must be accepted.

The fabric covers are hand made in Sweden, with ambitiously executed details.

The Absorbear panels suits many different scenarios such as:

* An acoustically lively home studio
* An office space with lots of reflective surfaces 
* An acoustically lively bar/café/restaurant.
* An acoustically lively audio recording environment
* An audio mixing studio with an excessive level of early reflections

and more...

Absorbear XL:
Ljudbjörnen also offer an XL sized absorption panel, which has double the mass compared to the original Absorbear panel. It is therefor even more effective and a very suitable panel for reducing early reflections from the ceiling and walls in audio production rooms. 

Absorbear XXL:
This 30 cm thick version of the Absorbear panel is very suitable as clouds for any critical listening room.
It offers the best low frequency energy reduction of all the Absorbear panels.

Absorption material properties:

Absorbear & Absorbear XL:
Contains one or two of these:
Caruso-Iso-Bond WLG 035
100 % recycled ecological polyester fibre
Flow resistivity: 10000 Pa.s/m^2
Weight: 40kg /m³
Panel weight (per 10 cm depth): Around 3.0 kg
Flame retardant : B1 D0 S1 / DIN 4102
Fire protection: B1 (flame retardant)
Drop: D0 (no drop)
Smoke: S1 (very limited smoke development)
Mold & mites resistance: Yes
Non-allergic & gentle to skin and airways
ECO certificate: OEKO-TEX standard 100

Absorbear XXL:​
Contains three of these:
Caruso-Iso-Bond WLG 040
100 % recycled ecological polyester fibre
Flow resistivity: 5000 Pa.s/m^2
Weight: 20kg /m³
Panel weight (per 10 cm depth): Around 1.9 kg
Flame retardant : B1 D0 S1 / DIN 4102
Fire protection: B1 (flame retardant)
Drop: D0 (no drop)
Smoke: S1 (very limited smoke development)
Mold & mites resistance: Yes
Non-allergic & gentle to skin and airways
ECO certificate: OEKO-TEX standard 100

Absorption ability details:

Lab testing results, absorption characteristics and quantifiable details can not be presented at this moment, due to it's high costs. In order to properly lab test our products in a suitable reverberation lab environment with high accuracy in low frequencies, it's a costly process. Ljudbjörnen has planned to do such lab testing of all offered products further on.

Fabric options:

Absorbear comes with eight fabric options:

Light grey 
Mid Grey
Grey Blue 
Grey Crêpe 
Red Green Crêpe
Red Yellow Crêpe

White linen

All fabrics are 100 % recycled wool except "White linen" which is a natural white 100% linen fabric. Ljudbjörnen prewashes and dusts off all fabrics before the sewing process.

Scroll down to the end of this page to see all the available fabrics and colors. 

Optional physical fabric samples:
If you want to compare the fabrics and the colors properly, it's recommended to review them in daylight condition together with your existing colors in the space. To do this, you simply order a fabric sample pack at the cost of 80 kr (inkl. VAT) which will then be sent by post to your nearby postnord pickup place. Another possible solution is to loan a fabric sample pack for free in the scenario were you and Ljudbjörnen have planned a physical meeting. Just ask!
Please note: the colors of the recycled woolen fabrics can differ slightly between batches. Most of the fabrics looks identical between different batches but the LG (Light Grey) fabric for example can differ slightly in "warmth". Therefor it's recommended to make sure that you match the chosen fabric that is in stock to the environment and to older orded products from Ljudbjörnen (if any).

The woolen fabrics gives the best fire resistance of the two materials, while the linen fabric has a limited fire resistance.

The Indian fabric production factory that produces all the recycled woolen fabrics has no child labor and the fabrics are lab tested and therefore free from harmful chemicals.
The linen fabric comes from Ukraine.

Maintenance and washing instructions:
The fabric covers to the Absorbear and Absorbear XL acoustic panels are hand made. Both the covers as well as the absorbers differs slightly in size so make sure you pair the covers with its absorption buddy in case you remove your fabrics. Make notes of which cover goes to which absorber. Use a high quality permanent marker on the back of the fabric covers. Please contact Ljudbjörnen if you have any further questions.

Gentle machine wash or hand wash in 30 degrees celsius with an enzyme free detergent, alternatively simply dab gently directly on recently emerged stains (do not rub) with water at 30 degrees celsius with dish soup. After washing the woolen fabrics they would ideally hang dry while the linen fabric can flat dry. 

To reduce wrinkles that can emerge over time and especially right after the washing and drying process, air steaming or steam iron works fine. Make sure the iron surface in cleaned and at an adequate temperature. To prevent the fabrics from burn marks during ironing, use another thin and clean suitable fabric in between the iron and the fabric cover.
Use your best judgement to avoid excessive heat during ironing and/or steaming to reduce damage to both the fabrics as well as the absorber panel.

The glass nails included on the back of the panels is heat resistant and also okay to iron.

Mounting options:

In order to optimize the absorption performance, placement is critical. It's therefore recommended to let me guide you through the placement and the installation process or to simply hire me for that purpose. The panels comes with either a ceiling mount, a wall mount or a floor stand.


Absorbear comes with hidden bolt heads if nothing else is specified. You can choose to have them either exposed or hidden. The price is the same for both options, but the installation is slightly easier with the exposed bolts.


Around 4,3 kg per Absorbear with a mounting system of your choice.
Around 7,9 kg per Absorbear XL with a mounting system of your choice.
Absorbear XXL uses a less heavy material and will only weigh around 7,4 kg with a mounting system of your choice.


Absorbear measures: 120 X 62.5 X 10 cm
Absorbear XL measures: 120 X 62.5 X 20 cm
Absorbear XXL measures: 120 X 62.5 X 30 cm

+/- 2 cm for the width and length due to a high difference tolerance at the Caruso factory in Germany. The depth is usually very very close to 10/20/30 cm but can be slightly less or more.


Usually between 1-3 weeks, depending on the amount of panels ordered, stock status and the location for the possible install.

Shipping / Delivery:

Ljudbjörnen offers optional delivery within Stockholm, Sweden or pickup in Årsta, Stockholm.
At this moment, shipping is not available due to the recently raised shipping costs. If you still are interested in the products and would like to know how much the shipping would cost for you, please send an email and I'll get back asap.


Absorbear with ceiling mount or wall mount: 3000 SEK (excl. 25 % VAT)
Absorbear with floor stand: 4300 SEK (excl. 25 % VAT)

Absorbear XL with ceiling mount or wall mount: 4200 SEK (excl. 25 % VAT)

Absorbear XXL with ceiling mount or wall mount: 4700 SEK (excl. 25 % VAT)

Optional additional costs:
Special order with one of these fabrics (GC, RGC, RYC or WLI) : + 200 SEK (excl. 25% VAT) for the Absorbear panel, + 275 SEK (excl. 25 % VAT) for the Absorbear XL panel and + 300 SEK (excl. 25 % VAT) for the Absorbear XXL.
Special order with a custom sized panel (rectangular shapes only): + 300 SEK (excl. 25 % VAT)
Special order: an extra deep panel with the Caruso-Iso-Bond WLG 040 or 045 can be offered if you need porous absorption that is even more effective at lower frequencies. Please contact Ljudbjörnen for an estimate. 

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Gobo Bear: Bild
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